Temple of Isis Poster

A reconstruction of the hall in temple of Isis at Philae

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The Temple of Isis at Philae – I used my own sketches and photos, with floor plans of the temple, as well as some help from paintings by David Roberts, which he made in 1838. With these resources it was possible, with a bit of artistic licence, to reconstruct a 3D model of how the hypostyle hall might have appeared in ancient times.

Temple of Isis Poster

Detail from poster

(Translation of the above) Thoth speaks after he looks upon his enemies on the ground. He says, “Gods in heaven let you hearts rejoice, and let your hearts rejoice gods who are in the earth. Horus, the Youthful One, comes in peace and on his journey he has displayed deeds of great might, which he has performed according to the Book of Slaying the Hippopotamus”