Ancient Egyptian Anecdotes Paperback

Mark Millmore ( Author, Illustrator )
Ancient Egyptian Anecdotes consists of Papyri translations, which have been edited to make them easy for the modern reader. It's the Ancient Egyptians in their own words supported with background text and full colour illustrations.


Ancient Egypt Magazine
"This slim and glossy booklet is a beautifully illustrated montage of translated ancient Egyptian texts, edited by the author to make them easy to read and understand."

"The full colour illustrations by the author will make the book particularly appealing to younger readers, although adults too will enjoy reading the thoughts and feelings of the ancient Egyptians"

Ancient Egyptian Anecdotes Paperback

"I just received my copy of Ancient Egyptian Anecdotes and must say, it easily tops all other books in my collection for artistic presentation. There are many outstanding graphic illustrations throughout and superb historical content and literature from the daily lives of the ancient Egyptians"
Lance Stephens Florida USA